Foals of 2005

First foal of 2005
Ultimate Temptation "Casey"


March 14, 2005 Bay AQHA Colt
Temptations At Six X Hills Miss Molly Bee

This is a very strong and muscelled colt. He inherited the beautiful bay coat color from his sire and once again the parents of this colt have stamped a beautiful head on their foal.

Second foal of 2005
Unamed "Riley"


March 23, 2005 Sorrel APHA Colt
Temptations At Six X Unknown Pleasures

This is going to be a big flashy colt. With those high whites and big blaze he will get noticed. He's very fancy and should make a great english prospect. Regular Paint papers pending.

Third foal of 2005
Unamed "Lila"

April 27, 2005 Black Breeding Stock APHA Filly
Temptations At Six X Reonite on Ice
Owned by Liz Dann & Mary Fox

This very exotic looking filly was a pleasent surprise. Even though she is breeding stock she is quite striking with the blue eye of hers. Lila is friendly and sweet a real nice filly.

Fourth foal of 2005
Unamed "Sadie"

May, 2005 Sorrel AQHA Filly
Temptations At Six X Blue Serenade
Owned by Becky and Kayla Thomas

This very attractive filly was born in the early evening in front of a crowd of people much to everyones surprise. Sadie is a 4-H breeders award foal and will be shown in 4-H.

Fifth foal of 2005
Skipn's MyT Tempting "Ty"

May, 2005 Palomino AQHA Colt
Temptation At Six X Skips Sunny Honey
Owned by Monique and David Stevens

What a handsome colt this guy turned out to be. He's got a friendly personality and is fully enjoyed by his family.

Sixth foal of 2005
Smooth N Tempting "Keely"


May 31, 2005 Bay AQHA Filly
Temptation At Six X Attractive Grace
Owned by Camille

We are so pleased with this filly. We've waited for a very long time to get a filly of this quality from our stallion. Generally we get the colts and the clients get the fillies.

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