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Foals of 2008

First foal of 2008
Midas Well Bee Holy "Bunny"

March 23, 2008 Sorrel BS APHA Filly
Midas X Hills Miss Molly Bee

No spots but what a blaze!! Bunny was born on Easter Sunday, a week early. She is very sweet and cute. This is Jubies first filly after 7 colts. We are very pleased. This filly is for sale. She will not be available until Oct after the Triple Crown Futurities as she has been nominated.

Second foal of 2008

April 6, 2008 Palomino Overo APHA Colt
Conclusive Mister X Gracefully Impressed
Owned by Kristen Oas

Gracie has blessed us a third time with a beautiful colored colt. What a wonderful surprise. Champ is huge, very cuddly and very sweet! This colt should both halter and ride. Champ will be for sale after weaning.

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