Painted Valley Farms offers a full range of training and lessons at our facility. We have the tools to start young horses, tune up the broke horse, and finish a show horse. In addition, we teach both young and mature riders, as well as add a little extra polish to a seasoned rider for a successful show season.

At Painted Valley Farms we can accommodate those riders with their own horses who wish to learn to ride better and/or to train their horse. We also support those riders who do not have a horse but wish to either use a lesson horse or to lease a horse for a period of time.

The goal of all of us here at Painted Valley Farms is to have fun with our horses while practicing safe and friendly horsemanship.

Painted Valley Farms is proud to offer the services of.....

Shelly Sevigny

Certified Resistance Free (tm)
Trainer and Instructor
Shelly Sevigny is pleased to offer a year round lesson program at Painted Valley Farms.

With over 25 years of experience, and endorsements from Richard Shrake and Peggy Cummings Shelly is an excellent choice for instruction and training in Western and English disciplines, on your personal horse or a school horse.

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Brittany Girard

Beginner/Intermediate Instructor
We are proud to introduce and welcome back Brittany into our family. At one time Brittany boarded her horse Cruiser at Painted Valley Farms, where she participated in the 4-H Group "Blazing Saddles". We were there to watch Brittany grow up and become the fantastic horseperson that she is!

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Lesson Rates:
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
1 Hour (semi private)
1 Hour (private)
Ages 4 - 6
Ages 4 - 6
Ages 4 & up
Ages 4 & up

Skills & Topics Covered
Ground safety
Grooming & Cleaning
Haltering & Leading
Tacking up a horse
Parts of horse & equipment
Reading & Performing patterns
Knowing what judges look for
New Friendships
Bathing & Clipping
Gaits of horse & movement
Becoming a balanced rider
Proper body position
Navigating horse traffic
Becoming ring savvy
Clothing and tack for the show pen
Fun, Fun, Fun

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available in multiples of lessons.

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