Hills Miss Molly Bee

1988 Liver Chestnut AQHA

Sired by: Sir Quincy Class

Out of: Quincy Ann Bonanza

8.5 Halter Points / Working Cow Horse


Jubie is a wonderful quarter horse mare who is the main producer in our small band of mares. She came to us late in 1999, and in that short time has made a huge impact in the quality of horses that we have produced. With her compact little body and her beautiful short-dished face, she has produced four outstanding colts for us by our stallion "Temptations At Six". Jubie is a gorgeous, deep liver chestnut with dapples that are spread throughout her coat.

Jubie's first foal for us was a beautiful sorrel colt "My Major Temptation". This colt was a futurity money winner as both a weanling and a yearling as well as a multiple halter winner. Major has been broke and is earning daily High Points and Reserve High Points under saddle at local schooling shows.

Jubie's second foal "A Tempting Imitation" is a colt that is a deep rich bay like his sire and is just about as handsome as they come.

Jubie foaled an awesome sorrel colt on Feb 21, 2004. He was the sweetest colt we've had to date. Unfortuantly Justin was put down 1 month later due to kidney failure. This very rare condition has not been seen in a foal this young. Our heart breaks for this young foal who never had a chance.

In March of 2005 Jubie once again produced a beautiful bay colt with an awesome head and hip. "Ultimate Temptation" will go on to make a very versatile horse and will be noticed.

On March 3 2006 Jubie kept to her pattern and foaled a Sorrel Colt by Temptations At Six.

In March of 2008 Jubie easily gave birth to a cute sorrel breeding stock FILLY!!! Wow, after seven colts in a row this is a happy surprise. Jubie has been bred back to Midas for hopefully a colorful repeat for 2009.

Unfortuantly Jubie aborted her 2009 foal on Christmas Day 2008. That is and was Jubie's last foal. She has been retired as a broodmare.

Collectors Gold

1985 Sorrel Tobiano APHA

Sired by: Flash of Gold

Out of: Collectors Item

Barrel Racing / Speed Events


Goldie is the old matron and leader of our small herd. Goldie has reserved a special place with us for the rest of her life for what she has given to us. Goldie is a beautiful sorrel tobiano registered paint mare and has produced four foals; a very handsome bay tobiano colt, a pretty black and white filly, and a very athletic bay breeding stock filly, and a sorrel breeding stock colt.

On March 20 Goldie delivered her fourth foal a premature solid sorrel colt. It was a bit touch and go but the little guy seems to be doing quite well now. He was premature due to an infection in the placenta. He is quite lucky to be with us at all. So we have named him Lucky Son of a Six aka..Lucky in hopes that his life will continue to be full of luck. UPDATE.....Lucky is doing exceptionaly well and will be broke in 2006.

Goldie has been retired from breeding and competing. The old gal still loves a good trail ride though.

Gracefully Impressed

2000 Chestnut AQHA

Sired by: Mr Cool 1997

Out of: Vic Impressed Grace



Gracie joined us in Oct 2003. Gracie joined us as strictly a broodmare as prior to joining us she severely damaged a bone in her leg while playing in a pasture. Gracie is a cherry wood colored chestnut quarter horse mare. With Gracie's awesome pedigree and beautiful conformation, she should produce some fantastic foals by our stallion, "Temptations At Six". The foals from this combination should excel at halter and pleasure. As we have gotten to know Gracie we realize what a beautiful and elegant mare she is. Gracie is HYPP N/N.

Unfortunately Gracie slipped her 2005 foal in the summer. She will be re-bred in 2005 for an early 2006 foal.

On March 21 2006 Gracie delivered a beautiful red dun overo colt by Prairie Gold "4 time World Champion Halter Horse" We have many hopes and dreams resting on this baby, he is perfect.

In March 2007 Gracie once again presented us with a stunning overo colt. Sired by Midas this colt is exceptional!

In April 2008 Gracie again presented us with a outstanding palomino overo colt. This colt was sired by Conclusive Mister. Champ is a sweet huggable BIG boy.

Gracie will be bred in 2013 to Adikting APHA/AQHA World and Reserve World Champion Halter Horse.

A Hot Scene

2000 Dun Overo APHA

Sired by: Hot Scotch Man

Out of: Scenic Side Up



Dusty is a very exciting addition to our broodmare band. Dusty is sired by my all-time favorite stallion Hot Scotch Man. Hot Scotch Man is a 2 time world champion halter stallion and a producer of world champion and reserve world champion horses in both halter and performance. In addition to an awesome sire Dusty's dam has her ROM in halter with 40 halter points. Dusty arrived from Texas in June of 2004 bred to the 4 time world champion halter stallion Prairie Gold. We did a follow-up ultrasound on Dusty after she arrived at the farm. Unfortantly we discovered that there was an infection in with the baby. We treated it aggressivly and for quite some time. We monitored her progress very closely for several months and I am happy to report that at her six month check everything looked great. So we will be anxiously awaiting this foal in the spring. Dusty was purchased to breed to "Temptations At Six."

Unfortantly Dusty's 2005 foal was a lethal white. In order to prevent this from happening again she was bred to "Temptations At Six" and the Prairie Gold rebreeding was given to Gracie.

On March 12 2006 Dusty foaled a beautiful bay breeding stock filly by Temptations At Six. This filly is friendly yet sassy. A real kick in the pants and a joy to be around. If she had a spot she would not be leaving this farm.

Dusty presented us with an outstanding dun colt in 07. This colt is marked perfectly for a breeding stock. Four even socks, a blaze, and a big old stripe down his back. What a cutie.

Dusty did get in foal for 2008 to Tributes Mister but unfortuantly with twins. These twins aborted (filly & colt). Dusty will be rebred in 08 to Tributes Mister.

Unfortuantly Tributes Mister passed away in early 2008. Dusty has been bred to Awesome Andy for an April 2009 foal.

Dusty had a Bay Breeding stock filly April 15 2009. This filly is a carbon copy of Shania her 2006 filly.

Dusty was bred to Sucha Classic Kid for a 2012 foal. She once again presented with twins but the vet was able reduce one so we thankfully only have one foal coming.

Dusty had a Dun Overo Colt by Sucha Classic Kid. She was rebred to Sucha Classic Kid for 2013 foal.

Hot Scotch Man

CCR Cando Dynamics

1997 Sorrel Tobiano APHA

Sired by: Can Do Full Color

Out of: Miss Mito Deluxe

Western/English Performance

PDF File Lexi Pedigree

Lexi has been retired from showing and has entered our group of broodmares. Lexi has a very impressive show record with APHA. She has a Superior in Western Pleasure. She also has ROM's in Hunter Under Saddle, Horesemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation and Showmanship at Halter. She also has lots of Pinto points in Open and Youth, English and Western. Although only 15 hands she mananged to do very well in English events.

In April of 2007 Lexi produced a carbon copy of herself (Sorrel Tobiano Filly) by Temptations At Six. Their coloring is almost identical. This fill has turned out to be very talented and is being ridden and shown by our daughter.

Lexi has been bred to Think I'm Hot for a March 2012 foal. This cross should produce an outstanding English prospect with hopefully wonderful color.

Lexi had a Red Dun Overo Filly by Think I'm Hot in April 2012.

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